Automated test jig

As I am currently working on a project with 100 nodes for a wireless sensor network (WSN), I needed a way to program this devices in a fast and easy way. For that propose I started developing a half way automated test jig which will help test, program and verify the prober function of the nodes.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-07 um 22.16.34

This jig uses a clamping mechanism with pogo pins for contacting some test points on the WSN node. This nodes work in a wireless sensor network and consist of a CC430 microcontroller, a micro SD card holder and an H-bridge. As it is not practicable to plug in each board, insert the SD card and connect the battery, I developed this test jig to speed up this process.220px-Federkontaktstift.svg
Pogo Pins use spring loaded needles for ensuring a proper connection to the surface. This surface will be a test point or a specific area on the pcb.


The second part of the project was to write a pc client software to start and analyze the flashing and testing process. Therefor I developed a program with a graphical interface. This program takes use of the MSP430Flash tool which is a free to use command line program. Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-25 um 22.04.46

You can find the Software as well as the code on Github.
GitHub: FlashTool
Eagle files: NodeNadel


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